We partner with financial institutions, real estate developers, private capital groups and government authorities to provide equity finance for various residential projects, primarily in the affordable or workforce housing market.

IHS works with developer partners who have the reputation, organizational structure, track record and financial capacity to execute the proposed transactions and property types.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with IHS, please contact Solly Mboweni.

Submissions are appraised in terms of their commercial viability and are subject to our due diligence and our investment processes and procedures.


Our investments go through a thorough approval process which includes:

  • Initial screening for the early identification of suitable deals;
  • Reviews by our Investment Committee of the data provided, which must comply with our requirements;
  • A full due diligence and financial modeling to determine the best structure for the proposed transaction;
  • Approval by the Investment Committee is required and the relevant legal documents must be completed before the relevant funds are disbursed.

The time required from the initial review to closing any transaction depends on a number of factors. It generally takes between one and three months to close most transactions once they are approved by the Review Committee. More complex deals may take longer.