About Us

At International Housing Solutions (IHS) we take a holistic approach to the provision of energy efficient, affordable residential developments. We recognize the need to not only create viable housing projects, but also to provide broader community infrastructure with easy access to schools, shops and work opportunities, thereby improving the quality of life of the residents.

Given the rapid and increasing growth of the emerging middle class in Sub Saharan Africa, there remains a substantial and rising demand for quality, affordable homes and an increasing shortage of supply.

IHS is a pioneer in this sector, and has built an enviable reputation not only by providing 27 000 new homes but for building strong communities because of our focus on those factors that add value and provide access to opportunities previously denied to the lower middle class.

Owing to our extensive experience and track record, we have cemented valuable partnerships with all key stakeholders, to bring together all the necessary elements for creating successful projects in the affordable and workforce housing markets. Furthermore, our relationships have enabled us to create a strong pipeline of prospective investments in the region.

The vast majority of residents in our developments report an increased quality of life and improved prospects, in addition to the following:

  • IMPROVED SAFETY – The security of our communities is a priority for us, as well as residents’ access to quality recreational facilities.
  • WEALTH CREATION – Property ownership and security of tenure allow people to take their first steps toward wealth creation. All buyers have clear title to their units, which increases their ability to benefit financially.
  • DEEPENING OF CAPITAL MARKETS – This comes as a result of housing becoming an asset instead of merely a shelter.
  • IMPROVED WELLBEING – Residents increasingly report better health and wellness as a result of their improved living conditions and environment.
  • REDUCED TRANSPORT COSTS– We strategically situate our developments closer to areas of employment and in proximity to transport routes.
  • ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION – Developments are built close to schools and higher education institutions. Because of this easier access to quality education, and by providing home environments conducive to studying, quality of life and access to opportunities are further improved.