International Housing Solutions (IHS) is a private equity firm focused on the development of residential housing. IHS partners with financial institutions, real estate developers, private capital groups and local government authorities to provide equity finance for residential projects, primarily in the affordable housing market. Currently focused on South Africa, IHS is set to expand its presence to other African countries and globally in future.

IHS brings not only capital resources, but also research experience and risk assessment to local partners providing affordable housing to low-to-middle income families. IHS uniquely tailors every investment to the dynamics of the market and the specifics of the transaction.

For institutional investors, IHS brings opportunities for excellent risk-adjusted returns in residential markets that may otherwise have been out of reach.

At IHS, we pride ourselves on providing superior investment opportunities for our capital partners, while increasing the prospects of access to high quality, affordable housing products for individuals and families.


 Positive Impact

IHS is committed to funding developments that will have a positive social impact in their respective communities. Starting in 2012, IHS has commissioned University of Cape Town associate professor Francois Viruly to conduct annual, in depth, studies into the into the social impact of affordable housing development in South Africa. Full reports on these studies are available on the Media Page. 







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Major pension fund investment to boost affordable housing stock in SA

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